We developed a modern and minimalist brand identity for Beryl Naturals from the ground up. Designing bold and original visual identification for an international client was an exciting challenge. In 2018 the whole line of organic cosmetics and aromatherapy oils will become available in stores in the USA. Check it out.


When a hand-drawn illustration makes its way to the packaging, the product becomes one of a kind. We really love this effect! The illustration shows the Japanese ceremony of brewing powdered green tea called cha-no-yu. The packaging design has won hearts. It has also won a prize at the international design competition The product is available in Canada.


We developed packaging series for a brand of luxury pet food. The concept allows diversification of products on the basis of color variation. Our design outperformed competitors in an international design competition. The product can be found in stores all over the USA.


Creating a design for a product for tattoo lovers is an opportunity to be utterly creative. The project was a real treat for the designer.


This photoshoot of cheese was a fantastic adventure and the effect is stunning. The photos follow the latest trends in food styling and photography. We are grateful to Ceko for entrusting us with this exciting project.


Over the two years of cooperation we photographed a full portfolio of Tarczyński products. The company was the first in the meat industry in Poland to take a bold step and change the way it presents the products.


The secret of beautiful food photography that makes you want to eat the food straight from the magazine cover lies in food styling. Good styling is a combination of thoughtful composition created with heart and the time spent in the kitchen cutting, cooking and then impeccably placing individual elements for the photo. This time is magical for us! Find out more in the food photography section.


I hired Anna for our Beauty (Skin care) products. I just can’t tell how amazing and patient she is. She has been extremely extremely good not only at work but the way she dealt things. She understand the client very well and does 100% justice to what is…

– Beryl Company, New Jersey / United States

Very easy to work with, good communication.
No fuzzy. Very nice and no hard feeling when asking to revised some work. All the files send very professional! Definitely invite you to work with us again.
Highly recommend!

- Fruttee Company, China

Excellent experience,
Ann's design answered our brief perfectly,
she'd read and encompassed all our requests, the packaging looks amazing.
Thanks you!

- My AlphaPet Company, United Kingdom

Excellent work froms a single sketch to a brand new packaging design. (:
We are happy with the results.

– McCallum’s Company, Costa Rica

Great job as usual!
Have been working with Ann for several time,
very professional.

- Fruttee Company, China

Very good design, great to work with,
vary patient.

– Kiyo Matcha Company, Ottawa / Canada

The best design in our campaign.

– Pill Stachios Company, United States